Sharknado Game for iPhone and ios

I hope you all know that what a sharknado will be, right? Here is a review of sharknado game for iphone and all ios. This game is based on Sharknado movies serial.

In Sharknado, you are able to fly into a tornado over a shark’s back while cutting aside other sharks having a chainsaw. That’s quite fantastic, but when the silly technique improvement passes, you’re left having a mostly harmless unlimited jogger that doesn’t perform much to find by itself within a crowded type.
That is being said, while unlimited athletes are a cent a dozen around the app-store (most are free on store), many don’t really feel nearly as good to play because of Sharknado. Dragging in order to dodge cars, hop on sharks, and joker under roadblocks is actually quick and also reactive on a touch screen, and i also never died due to just what felt just like a sluggish insight. For any game that relies upon your ability to total speedy, minute duties at a speed, this can be a very good thing.

Sharknado has three “lanes” to be able to weave among, and they are not generally there simply to look quite. The goal of some stages in this game is always to kill different types of sharks together with golf clubs, bats and other tool pick-ups. A more hard side of the road lined along with obstacles may additionally consist of rarer sharks, which net you benefits according to how many you have killed in running. The need to create quick decisions depending on risk and praise brings a small coating strategy to a variety of video game focused on reflexes.

Rewards for good perform, sadly, aren’t therefore compelling. Every stage has three components: the aforementioned street section, any surfing area, and the “boss degree,” which is a major with a full-blown Sharknado. Following finishing 1 round, your current position is booted returning to the streets to perform the same thing, only with increased obstacles and fewer spaces for error. You will find no alternate pathways as well as a visual change to change the actual bland, blocky appear of the scenery, and also the routine quickly seems tiring.

The particular track that plays throughout the surfing segment should get an exclusive shout away. If you think very hard, it sounds sort of such as the Ramones, if The Ramones wrote a track about unwilling to pass away in a sharknado. It is silly and it helped me chuckle, but right after dozens of will try, this wore out the welcome.
In-app buys are normal in cellular game area, as well as Sharknado is no various – right down to the actual dual-currency system. Each gold and also “chum” can be acquired in video game without too much milling, as well as the upgrades these people unlock: such as more durable weapons — are well worth the actual purchase. Chum may be used to revive oneself right after death, and each following revival within a operate costs more mate. It’s a very good, inexpensive way to offer a 2nd chance and reduce let-downs.


  • Great job of re-creating the fun in Sharknado experience.
  • Flying via a Sharknado on the back side of a shark having a chainsaw.
  • 3 distinctive areas to keep points interesting.


  • Little bit seamy after short time.
  • £1. 99 with IAPs to speed points in it.
  • Very frequent crushes.

Sharknado game Overview:  This game is technically junk, but oddly pleasant, just like the films. Achievement.

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