Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Features Specs and Price

As you All know about the success of Samsung brand and its New Galaxy Note 3 which took the rang of tablets to a high level with its greater new S-Pen features and soft and clear handwriting recognition, 5.7 inch display and 3GB Ram and the optional facility of GEAR watch and many more new features.

Now Before Samsung Galaxy Note 3 complete its first year In September, Here is soon coming the Shadow of Big Galaxy Note Family I mean Galaxy Note 4 which is expected to be launched in August and September 2014 and in this Article i am going to mention some leaked Information and Features about Galaxy Note 4 :

1. Waterproof and Dust-proof

The New Galaxy Note 4 device will be waterproof and dust-proof as Galaxy s5 and this function was not available in Galaxy note 3 so its going to be launched in note 4.

2. Display and Design

Samsung Galaxy note 3 is not much attractive but they are planning to present the Galaxy Note 4 with attractive design and Powerful High quality Display. it might be some rumors what is in the previous picture but its true that Note 4 will have an attractive design.

And This Note 4 will have 5.7 inches, 2K resolution “2160p” display. as far as the side display is concerned it might be just rumors because Samsung is not going to launch this in Note, they will start this in separate series Galaxy F. anyway Galaxy note 4 may be the first to have Ultra-High-Quality (3480 × 2160) AMOLED screen Display.

3. 4GB RAM Memory

Its Confirmed that this devise will have 4GB RAM because Galaxy note 3 took the standard of RAM to 3 GB and in its 2014 it will go to 4GB level. so this new technology of Galaxy note 4 will allow it to have highest speed response capability.

4. Camera Comparison

Samsung Galaxy s5 has alot of  improvements in  the camera feature, this will be continued in Galaxy Note 4 more over the internal news of Samsung Brand is Confirming that Note 3 devise will have 20.7 mega pixel Camera auto focused and LED flash Light and 5 mega pixel Front Camera. but Note 3 is having 13 mega pixel as you all know.

5. Signature Unlocking

As you all know about S-Pen in Samsung Note and specially Galaxy Note 3 has already brought so many new features with its S-Pen technology such as  Action Memo, Pen Window, S Finder, Screen writing and Scrap booker but Now Samsung is taking it to more higher and advance Level in Galaxy Note 4. Because the Upcoming Galaxy note 4 is introducing Handwriting unlocking as signature would be required to unlock screen as you see following pic

More over is that there are also some more Features are expected about S-pen such calling someone you simply write and Devise will automatically make the call for you as you see in pic below….

These Features are much expected in this Galaxy note 4 as well as some other facilities..

6. Android System

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not running Android 4.3 Jelly bean Operating System and Note 4 is expected to have 4.5 Operating System.

7. Note 4 release Date

As we all know that Samsung Galaxy note 3 was released just few  months ago and it doesn’t make sense that we are mentioning Note 4 but as i noted previous record of Samsung Shows that they are releasing New Note devise in every Year.

  • Galaxy Note N7000 Release date – 2011, September
  • Galaxy Note 2 N7100 Release date 2012, August
  • Galaxy Note 3 Release Date – 2013, September
  • Galaxy Note 4 Release Date is Expected in 2014, August, September

8. Galaxy Note 4 Price

The Price of Galaxy note 4 is expected to be $800 or less then this but its not going to be more than $800 and in Pakistani Rupees its price will be around RS 78000.

So dear readers the story Of Galaxy note 4 is not stopping here it was just our early view and few leaked Information of Samsung Brand but soon we will Share some more features and specs about this upcoming Great Devise.

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