Galaxy S5 Top Features and Specs

Finally We got Samsung galaxy s5 Unveiled in our Hands with top features and Specs, We all know about some famous features of this Beautiful smartphone such as Finger Print Scanner, Heart-rate monitor and Waterproof but that’s not all if we search a little deeper there are much more i am going to explore all Hidden Features of galaxy s5 in this Article just take your devise in  your hands and follow my steps right now:

1. Hiding Personal Files

Private mode is a very handy feature in galaxy s5 consequently you don’t need to download any third party App for hiding your personal files, photos, music or videos. but you can lock them with your fingerprint, just simply go to the setting and activate private mode which allows you to hide every kind of files which can be accessed just by your fingerprint. just select files and tap on “Move to private” which will go to a private folder.

when you turn off private mode the files which you chose will not be shown anywhere. you will be able to access them back by your fingerprint and You can turn off and on Private Mode by dragging two fingers from top notification bar to down.

2. Download Booster

Download Booster is very unique and cool feature and Samsung has added it to galaxy S5. It allows faster download specially works best with large-sized files. lets have a look on a screenshot of this feature then we will describe it more:

Download Booster is available in the  the setting toggles just grab two fingers from notification bar to down and activate Download Booster when you need it. So when you go to Quick setting and activate, it will start downloading by WiFi and Mobile data to download it quicker.

3. Multi-Window

Multi-Window system is implemented sometimes ago and also available in galaxy S5. Multi-window feature show a pop-up on the left side of screen there will be a list of Apps and you can add some more to that Apps by tapping and holding on app and drag it to that list. Unfortunately all apps are not supported by Multi-window feature but all the Samsung Apps are supported as well as Chrome, Youtube and Facebook. and this Also allow you to open two Apps on one time you can resize both and can drag all over the screen.

you can find it easily in notification toggle. but if you want to apply all the time just tap and hold for a while the back button to activate and deactivate Multi-window tab.

4. Configure Toolbox

Toolbox is a floating menu which gives you a quick access to list of your favorite Apps on any screen. This is one of my favorite feature in galaxy S5, Unfortunately this feature is not available in recently launched galaxy note  3 as well. anyway you will find this as toggle in notification menu when you tap a white dot will appear on the screen which can be expended by tapping and will show a list of some of favorite apps such as Camera, Calculator, Voice recorder and Browser, you also can change these for others…

When this Toolbox appears you can drag it anywhere on the screen, and when you leave it long enough it will disappear itself.

5. Water and Dust resistance

Don’t be afraid with galaxy S5 to spill any liquid on it. its the first Smartphone of Samsung to be water and Dust proof . so you don’t need to worry of spilling water, coffee or any other liquid because it completely covered if you look at the bottom you will see how they have covered it. so whenever it fall down in toilet or some water it should survive.

6. Selective focus and 16-megapixel Camera

Samsung galaxy S5 is offering the best 16-megapixel camera with handy features such 4K video recording (Ultra HD),  Auto Focus 0.3 Second face-detection and Real-time automatic HDR and there are other Options as you can choose Blur on background or foreground to give Picture more Quality as they were snapped with DSLR. the Video recording with 4K 3840 x 2160 will be using so much space of your memory so don’t get too attached with it :).

This was a little list of Samsung galaxy S5 features there are tons of more in this Super-phone you just have to explore them while using. soon i will share with you a full Review of galaxy S5 with Top Features just keep visiting to Bloghazel.Net

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