Controversial Strategy of Google on Nexus and Motorola

We are all aware that Google was never a hardware company, but by introducing Android, Google put its hands in the hardware category by providing the design and specs of its nexus product line. Google announced its first ever nexus device The HTC Nexus One, which was released back in the May of 2010. But things have changed a lot and now Google doesn’t need to invest its money into the hardware anymore as news suggest that Google is going to withdraw its hands from making its own devices.  This news seems authentic as Google introduced the Samsung Galaxy S4 with pure android experience and later with the similar edition of HTC One, as we get it with Google Nexus’s UI revealed at Google I/O event. So what were the reasons that Google took over Motorola in 2011. Expert opinion was that Google wanted to not only reduce the market share of Samsung, but also compete with Apple by providing a hardware and software of a Smartphone itself. But this dream never became reality.

Reasons behind Google Taking over Motorola

Google bought Motorola so the company would be able to concentrate on the Android software as well as the hardware, by making its own phones. However, Google doesn’t only require the Nexus Program anymore. Google bought Motorola as Motorola will be responsible to handle the Smartphone hardware sector. By providing competitive hardware at affordable prices, which Google has done with the Nexus Series? However, it won’t upset other OEMs as we saw couple of other manufacturers unveil their Nexus Edition smartphones.

If Google really thinks the way I do, it will surely cut the expense the company has invested in making its own Android devices (Nexus Series). Instead Google will be concentrating on other hardware product such as Google Glass, TV Boxes and Smart watches. Every year mainly in October/November Google introduces a Nexus Phone but this year I am not seeing any. That’s just because of the recent strategy adjustments made by Google that introduced Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition and HTC One Nexus Edition smartphones.

Our conclusion is that Google would only be ending the Nexus Smartphone line up to cut the costs. But on the other hand, it will provide the same stock Android experience on other OEMs. But it would be saving itself from the trouble of designing a whole Nexus phone for these OEMs. As well as it will definitely produce some ground breaking Smartphones through its Motorola subsidiary. They will actually be the new generation of the “Idea” of Nexus. It will be a rich Stock Android experience at affordable prices, completely owned by Google.

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