15 Best Windows Phone Apps for Students

The Windows Phone system is usually criticized for without the pure amount of Windows Phone application as its competitors. Nicely, in this article I am to show that numbers on its own isn’t everything. Right here are a variety of Windows Phone apps comprising different types that I’ve observed genuinely beneficial around the past couple of months that I, as a university student, have found very helpful. Check it out — perhaps you have skipped a few as well!

1. Power Planner

I’m sure everyone has plenty of homework but never know how to handle everything. Power Planner is a homework adviser which includes your homework/routine, grading program and it even informs you about your homework.

Price: Free

2. Equations

Tired of resolving equations continuously? Allow Equations do the work for you at last. The app can resolve cubic and quadratic equations, obtain typical constants and formulas.

Price: Free

3. On This Day

Find out what essential occasions occurred today in history from On This Day. It is not only about today, you can choose a randomly particular date and discover about what actually happened. It is really exciting, believe me.

Price: Free

4. Translator

Translator is particularly helpful when you have other countries students in your class. Woo them by talking in their personal language. All the main languages like French, Chinese, Spanish etc are helped.

Price: Free

5. Top Task List

Received a lot of assignments to solved and an arranged of tests to study for? Keep a record of your work with Top Task List. Make a list of work you are expected to finish in Top Task List and remain on top of it.

Price: Free

6. Skydrive

Get notes for an assignment or an exam with Notes Plus. You can make a note, save it to a category and save it to your Skydrive account so that you can check out later on.

Price: Free

7. Wikipedia

I’ve completed up lots of my assignments at the last hours with the guide of Wikipedia. I clearly suggest you have one on your Windows Phone in case.

Price: Free

8. Photosynth

Photosynth allows you get seriously excellent panoramic photos with your Windows Phone. So simply click away amazing Panasonic photos with all your friends.

Price: Free

9. Gym Pocketguide

Stay in shape with Gym Pocketguide. It has almost everything that you want to know if possibly you are attempting to shed your weight or if you want to muscle up. It had independent choices for males and females as well.

Price: Free

10. Gmaps

Trapped someplace and never know which pat
h to take? Get Gmaps in your Windows Phone and it will inform you which path to take and how long it will bring for you to reach with the actual sum of distance you want to travel to achieve that location.

Price: Free

11. PDF Reader

Nobody prefers to go all around holding heavy books. Simply download an eBook and with PDF Reader, you can study it in your Windows Phone device whenever you want.

Price: Free

12. Flashlight-X

Getting a flashlight app in your Windows Phone is a need to during emergency situations and with Flashlight-x, you can modify the settings and adjust it to your mood.

Price: Free

13. Touch Develop

Touch Develop is development of Microsoft company and it offers you the luxurious of developing your personal apps and sharing it with the entire world. It could seems difficult but with Touch Develop, it is seriously fascinating and simple to use. Give it a shot.

Price: Free

14. PandoraPandora

Tune in to entire world popular music with Pandora. We are regularly on the search for new songs while going to and from university and Pandora provides you free music without any stream restriction and no ads.

Price: Free

15. Powerpoint Remote

Colleges and universities are exactly about having training seminars and delivering presentations on a subject matter. With the help of PowerPoint Remote in your Windows phone, you can begin the PowerPoint presentation and manage the slides without using laptop continuously.

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